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Equipment List

The following is a list of recommended items that may be of use to individuals in the Security Industry. This is not a mandatory list for our courses and is intended to be used for informational purposes only.
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A good pair of security guard boots is extremely important. Purchase boots that are comfortable & durable. Typically security guards spend their shifts walking around on patrol. The wrong pair of boots will hurt your feet, legs and back. Most uniforms require a pair of black boots. Check with your employer first before investing in some quality boots.

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Mini-First Aid Kit

It is recommended that Security Guards receive First Aid/ CPR/ AED certification

  • Kit may be used either for self or others in assigned area
  • High probability injured personnel will ask you for medical help
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  • Used for extra light in dark areas
  • May be used for self protection as a striking device
  • Maglight is commonly found throughout the industry
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Digital Camera

  • May be used to help describe details of an event & assist in writing your report
  • May be used if incident results in court and you are asked to testify
  • May be used to take pictures of people, property & crime scene

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You will need to be certified in order to carry a firearm.
Do Not purchase or carry a firearm without proper certification.

  • Used to keep an area safe & secure
  • If use is required be sure to abide by the law
  • Armed Security Officers will typically receive higher pay
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Heated Vest

Many security guards work in colder climates where it can be uncomfortable to work and function properly. As a guard you may need to work at night at times where the temperature can drop drastically and make you very cold. A heated vest can take care of this for you and keep you comfortable and focused even on the coldest of nights.

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As a security guard your hands are one of your most valuable assets. Your hands are used to search, fight and write. Protect your hands from burns, scratches, cuts, needles, etc. by wearing a good pair of gloves. Cheaper gloves come in sizes XS - XXL, Better gloves come in sizes 7 - 13

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Pepper Spray

One of the best ways to temporarily repress an attacker or unlawful individual, without actually causing any permanent damage. Civilians are allowed to purchase pepper spray for protection (i.e. for students and hikers) Police Officers and Security Guards may need to undergo pepper spray training Check with your employer for requirements in order to use pepper spray while on duty. UDAP brand of pepper sprays are recommended

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Security Guard Belt

Used to carry listed equipment in a smooth and organized fashion. The sight of a guard wearing a guard belt shows professionalism and discipline. As a guard the last thing you want to do is fumble around looking for a needed piece of equipment.

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Security Guard Baton

You will need to be certified in order to carry a baton.
Do Not purchase or carry a baton without proper certification.

  • Used for self defense by proving extended reach
  • Used as a weapon to protect a property & personnel
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Cell Phone

As a security guards you should carry a fully charged cell phone at all times. ‚ÄčA cell phone will give you the ability to quickly call the proper authorities or fire department when required. Program important phone numbers into your phone, if possible put them on speed dial.
Although much of the communication you will do as a security officer may be through a walkie-talkie or other radio type device.

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  1. Misleads attackers
  2. Help protect from external objects
  3. Protection in case of blasts
  4. Psychological reasons
  5. To hide their emotions
  6. To avoid glares from sunlight or direct flashes

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