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Program Title #4

School Security Officer (Unarmed)

24 Hour Public Safety School Security Training (SB 1626)

Overview of Training:

  • Program Objective:
  • Professional License

  • Program Outcomes:
  • Prepare students for employment as a School Security Officer (Unarmed)
  • With the passage of SB 1626, California State Law now requires Campus Safety Officer in K-12 school districts or California Community College Districts to complete a course of training developed by BSIS. The law affects guards working on school property for more than 20 hours per week. The training requirement affects guards employed pursuant to a contract between a K-12 school district or California Community College District and a private patrol operator. Completion of this training will allow an existing security guard (with a guard card) to be authorized to work within a school setting.

  • Components of Instrucion:
  • Role and Responsibility of School Security Officer - 4 hours
  • Laws and Liability - 8 hours
  • Security Awareness in the Educational Environment - 3 hours
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution - 4 hours
  • Disasters and Emergencies - 1 hour
  • Dynamics of Student Behavior - 3 hours
  • Examination - 1 hour

  • Method of Instruction:
  • Written tests/Quizzes; Observation of student performance and interaction; Completion of assignments; Lecture; Class discussion; Demonstration; Role Play; Cooperative learning in small groups; video/DVD

  • Total Clock Hours: 8hrs

  • Final Exam & Graduation Requirements
  • At the conclusion of this course, students will demonstrate competency in the topic. Completion of clock hours required

  • Internship or Externship
  • None