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Practical Partners

We are a school of friends, working with you from beginning to end, you'll receive unparalleled training in firearms, batons, CPR, terrorism, awareness, school ground security training and many more.

Practical Practices

Job Placement can take you where you want to go. Job placement is not difficult, and it is quite common to find work in the area you live.

Practical Benefits

Security guards earn great income and receive excellent benefits. Most guards are assigned full time shifts and optional over-time, so why not take the time to invest in yourself and receive the training you need.

Employed Security Service Center, Inc.

Employed Security Service Center, Inc. (E.S.S.C.) is a private institution which serves as a resource for private and public partnerships. Developing collaboration between education and industry, Employed Security Service Center provides educational enrichment and improves quality of life for our students. It is our mission to provide effective and practical training focusing on Sector-Based Centers of Excellence. Preparing students to meet the increasing challenges and requirements in their career is the single most crucial element in establishing our programs. Our specific training program merges the needs of industry with highly qualified professionals. The first step is to connect with us to comply with state requirements and gain a meaningful acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competence.

Employed Security Services Center, Inc. Offers:

Personal Development

Innovative student-centered teaching and support services to foster students’ personal and social development.


Programs and courses in varied schedules to meet students’ needs.

Professional Courses

Updated curricula, programs, and courses in response to workforce and industry needs.


Access to information in changing and emerging formats.

Cost Benefit

Continued cost effective operation for both guards and employers.


Provide highly skilled, trained, private security officers for all security and related professions throughout the State of California. Provide highly skilled and trained Logistics and Safety Professionals to enhance and improve the community and the life of the student.


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Our 2022 Annual Report is being reviewed by BPPE and will be uploaded upon approval.

Once the annual report is available it will be posted here on our site.

Employed Security Service Center. school code 350798-13 is a private institution and has approval to operate as an institution by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), 1747 N. Market Blvd., Suite 225, Sacramento, CA 95834, (888) 370-7589 (916) 574-8900 ,

Approval to operate means the institution is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

BSIS approved training facility License # TFF 1531

BSIS approved training facility License # TFB 1337

I loved it, they are very professional and they also make sure that you are skilled and knowledgeable of the classes you take. Thanks Victor.


Kathy Jackson

Happy Student

Unforgetable moment with all of you. Thanks for all our cheerfullness in the class an what an amazing course!!!


James Alton

Happy Student

Only the STRONG!!!!!!!



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