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Program Title #8

Small Business Enterprise / Entrepreneurship

40 Hour Small Business Enterprise / Entrepreneurship

Overview of Training:

  • Program Objective:
  • Certificate of Achievement & Completion

  • Purpose:
  • Prepare Veterans and Civilians with the business tools and strategies to start their own business. During the program the student will develop a business plan under the guidance of the instructor with the input from fellow students.

  • Outcomes:
  • Upon completion of this course students will have identified the form of business ownership, completed a draft business plan; identified all of the government licenses required to operate in their community; developed a marketing/promotion plan; and presented their idea to a panel of industry professionals which include bankers.
  • Entrepreneurial Personality Traits; Components of a Business Plan; Ethics, Form of business ownership

  • Components of Instruction:
  • Government licensing and tax requirements – 8 hours
  • Management/Leadership Styles
  • Staffing procedures & regulations for employers
  • Risk management - 8 hours
  • Costs/budget preparation; financial resources. Market identification, product/service mix. - 8 hours
  • Business image; location, layout. Pricing policies & strategies. Selling merchandise and services. Promotional strategies. Promotional Mix. - 8 hours
  • Financial Records and Sales Projections. Presentation to Panel of Professionals which includes banking professionals - 8 hours

  • Total Clock Hours: 40 Hours